VHR4 – Level 4 Quick Tan Beds

VHR4 Quick Tan Beds- Level 4: Customer Favorite!!

Ergoline600Classic-5VHR4 Quick Tan Beds and Stand-up Booths have 30% more bulbs than the VHR3’s, including shoulder tanners and more facial tanners. 2 tans per week is all it takes to maintain a deep long lasting color.

Avantegard_600Jamaca me Tan’s VHR4 Quick Tan Beds have a fast 12 minute maximum exposure time. They feature 160-watt VHR lamps plus four high-pressure facial lamps and shoulder tanners which are user-controlled & can be turned off, for part or all of your tanning session, should you desire less UV rays in the facial area.

orbitJamaca Me Tan’s SunCapsule Stand-ups have fifty-four 220-watt VHR lamps – they are 76% more powerful than original stand-ups with a super-fast 8 – 12 minute session time. Our SunCapsule VHR units make it easy to tan certain hard-to-reach areas (such as under your arms) & eliminate pressure points that can occur from repetitive tanning in beds; however, for those individuals that prefer to control (or limit) the UV exposure to their face, you are unable to do that with stand-up units like you can with our VHR quick tan tanning beds – the alternative is to use an SPF lotion.