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Tanning for 15.00 monthly or 1 Mystic Spray Tan:   

Monthly Unlimited tanning in Level 1 Bed for $15.00 with our VIP Sign up.  No cancellation fee but with a sign up fee of $15.00. Great discounts on all upgrades and Lotions!!  Level 1 beds available at all salons EXCEPT Meridian.

1 FREE REDLIGHT Therapy Session:   

Come into any Jamaca Me Tan and try out our Redlight Therapy Redlight Tan BedAll Red Bed Non UV For FREE! Talk to us about the great Benefits of Redlight and skin rejuvenation. Get rid of wrinkles, discoloration, acne, and even a great way to alleviate pain!


Come in to the State Street location where the HydroMassage bed is HydroMassage_Banner_120x240available to try for your first trail session FREE! We are offering $30.00 for 1 month unlimited in the HydroMassage for New clients to HydroMassage.