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UV-Free Mystic Tan in Boise

Looking for a fast way to look tan in one spray?? Mystic tan is it! One and done. Spray tan and then 6-8 hours later you are tan!

Lumiere Redlight Facial Therapy

Lumiere Light Therapy has been widely recognized as an effective facial treatment in Europe, and has only recently appeared at spas and aesthetic centers in the Unitedlumiere States. The device uses LED lights to deliver red light energy into the skin. The skin is prepared with a topical treatment that activates a response when the light energy reaches the cells; in most cases, the treatment helps to tighten and tone the skin, and slowly eliminate toxins from the pores.

Formostar Infrared Body Wrap

It’s the Far Infrared heat that makes all the difference to the way you feel and look. Because it penetrates twice as deep, infrared body wraps help you lose inches, keep weight off, activate natural enzymes and manage physical pain or discomfort. Take advantage of our Current Special Formostar body wrap voucher to the left and start dropping the inches today! Jamaca Me Tan has 1 convenient Formostar location in Meridian so we’re always within reach.

Hydromassage Therapy

HydroMassage allows you to enjoy a rejuvenating massage every day. You will enjoy total relaxation while remaining fully clothed, dry and comfortable supported as you are massaged by powerful waves of heating water. You are in complete control of your massage experience so you can target the areas where you need it most.