High Pressure Tanning in Boise, Idaho

High Pressure Beds – Levels 5 & 6

High Pressure Tanning – The Best of the Best!!

Jamaca me tan offers a variety of High Pressure tanning beds to choose from. The Stand-up, the open air Lounge, Ultra Bronze High pressure and lay-down 360 tanning beds.These beds will tan you multiple times faster than any other equipment. You can achieve a deep, dark, golden tan in just 3 to 6 sessions that only require 2-4 monthly visits to maintain that golden tan. High Pressure Beds have virtually no UVB rays (burning potential) which means you will not burn.

High Pressure tanning beds are a 10 – 15 min. exposure times, and are the largest, most comfortable, with the most feature-packed of all equipment and represent what makes our salon one of the best in the area. For those customers who want the best that money can buy requiring the least amount of time, look no further!

More Info on High Pressure Tanning:

  • SPEED: The results (tanning-wise) from one High Pressure (HP) tan are more like 4-5 ‘regular’ tans. You see results – TODAY. Great for tanners that are ‘leaving for a trip to Hawaii – Sunday’ as well as anyone wanting to be tanned – NOW. Tanning isn’t instant, but HP (and sunless) are as close as we can get to satisfying that desire.
  • SAFETY: A lowered risk of burning combined with greater tanning result. There is never a reason to burn while indoor tanning, but with a HP bed, your risk is even further reduced by lowering the UVB. This is especially true for Type II clients who normally have to start very slowly and take significant amount of time to build up a tan in regular beds.
  • CONVENIENCE: A HP tanning bed uses a different lighting system than regular beds. The system utilizes a greater portion of UVA rays to penetrate and oxidize the melanin level. This leads to a richer, deeper tan. With less drying/exfoliating UVB rays, it is also more likely that this tan will last longer. Most HP tanning customers come 2-4 times per month – not per week!
  • VALUE: While a more expensive session, the better, longer lasting results combined with the time savings of not having to come to the salon as often all add up to the best tanning value on the market today.

This featured bed is our only Combination High Pressure AND Quick tan bed. 12 minutes maximum tanning time and does have a combination of UVA and UVB. This is the only High Pressure level bed that you must monitor your time wisely with the help of the Tanning Consultant.