VHR3 – Level 3 Quick Tanning Bed

VHR3 – Level 3 Quick tan Beds

VHR reflector tanning lamps encapsulate the body in a field of ultra high-powered UV tanning energy. Simultaneously, the exclusive, patented, VHR quick tan reflector lamps and the High pressure facial tanning System dramatically enhances melanin production and maximizes the oxidization process in the upper body and facial region.

Jamaca me Tan’s VHR3 Quick Tan Beds have a fast 12 minute maximum exposure time. They feature 160-watt VHR lamps plus four high-pressure facial lamps which are user-controlled & can be turned off, for part or all of your tanning session, should you desire less UV rays in the facial area.

Information on VHR Tanning
Low-Pressure VHR tanning lamps emit a mix of Ultraviolet A & B (UV-A/UV-B) light – the same sunlight you get while tanning outdoors (albeit with different intensities & percentages depending on how the FDA certifies each unit).