Relax While You Tan

Get a natural glow with spray tanning

Are you looking for a natural, bronzy tan without the use of UV rays? Spray tanning is a great option for those who want a tanned look without UV exposure or who want to give their tan from our beds a touch-up. At Jamaca Me Tan, we have a state-of-the-art, UV-free Mystic Tan spray tanning booth to give you that perfect, sun-kissed glow.

Mystic Tan is the perfect way to get a fast, natural-looking tan within one session. For the perfect spray tan, follow these steps:

1. Shower, shave and exfoliate before your spray tanning session. For an even tan, it's best to have no makeup or lotions on your skin.
2. Apply barrier cream to your nails, hands, ankles and feet. You can also apply barrier cream to your knees and elbows.
3. Wear dark, loose clothing to your spray tan session and afterward to prevent staining and lines.
4. Wait six to eight hours after your spray tan before showering or getting wet to allow the tan to fully develop.
5. Apply lotion after each shower to keep your skin hydrated and to maintain the life of your beautiful tan.

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Discover our relaxing spa services

We want our salons to be places of relaxation. That's why we're excited to offer a variety of relaxing, beneficial spa services. Learn about our different services and their benefits below:


(Only Available at the State Street Location)

Our hydromassage allows you to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage every day. This rejuvenating massage allows you to remain fully clothed, dry and comfortable as you're massaged by powerful waves of heated water. You're able to be in complete control of your massage, allowing you to choose target areas that need extra attention.

Formostar infrared body wrap

(Only Available at the Meridian Location)

Our infrared body wraps can help you lose inches, keep weight off and manage physical pain or discomfort. Additionally, this treatment helps detoxify the body, tone muscles and reduce soreness.

Lumiere light therapy

Our light therapy device uses LED lights to deliver red light energy into the skin. We prep the skin with a topical treatment that activates a response when the light energy reaches the cells. This treatment helps tighten and tone the skin while eliminating toxins from the pores. It also helps stimulate collagen production. Each session lasts 20 minutes.

We pride ourselves on creating a spa-like experience. Your visit will feel more like a pampering session instead of physical therapy. Our personal care consultants are focused on your every need, so you can sit back and relax. Your complete satisfaction with our services and products is guaranteed.

Call us or visit us for a pampering session today. With our 10-point sanitation procedure, Jamaca Me Tan also delivers unparalleled cleanliness alongside exceptional service.