Jamaca Me Tan tanning salons are equipped with a variety of tanning beds to help you achieve your desired look.

Learn about our different levels of tanning beds below:

High-pressure beds - levels 5 and 6:

These beds will tan you faster than any other type of tanning bed. You can achieve a dark, golden tan in just three to six sessions. High-pressure beds also have virtually no UVB rays, which means you won't burn. These beds have ten to fifteen minutes of exposure and are our biggest and most comfortable beds.

VHR4 quick tan beds - level 4:

These beds are customer favorites. They have 30% more bulbs than our lower level beds and include shoulder and facial tanners that are user-controlled. Two sessions a week is all it takes to maintain deep, long-lasting color. Our level four beds have a maximum of twelve minutes of exposure and make it easy to tan certain hard-to-reach areas.

VHR3 quick tan bed - level 3:

Our level three beds bathe your skin in UV tanning energy. The VHR quick tan reflector lamps and high-pressure facial tanning lamps dramatically enhance melanin production to give you a deep, glowing tan that lasts. Our level three beds have a maximum of twelve minutes of exposure and provide the same amount of sun exposure as tanning outdoors.

Regular beds - levels 1 and 2:

Our level one and two beds have 32 100-watt lamps and your choice to tan with or without facial lamps. These beds provide you with the same amount of sun exposure that tanning outdoors would and have fifteen to twenty minutes of exposure time. Our regular beds are great beds for new tanners to start out with.

Leg tanner services:

The Leg Tanner by Classic Legs is designed to fit the needs of customers who want to even out their legs to match the color of the rest of their body. Research shows that tanning beds tend to concentrate a majority of their light energy in the middle of the tanning area, making it hard for your legs to catch up with the rest of your body. Our leg tanner adds an additional twelve minutes to your tanning session to give you a great, even looking tan all over.